Brandformance: Why companies should merge branding and performance marketing

In the digital world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract attention and customers. GDPR and algorithm changes make it difficult for companies to maintain their market position. Branding and performance are still treated like two separate silos. This leads to a whole series of conflicts of interest & objectives. In this blog article, we analyze the importance of brandformance and why companies should no longer ignore this topic in 2023.

Mise en Place in performance marketing

You probably know the term Mise en Place from gastronomy. In properly run restaurants, this is an absolute matter of course and an integral part of the daily work.

Off to new waters

Interview with Corvis’ new Performance Marketing Director Andreas Eder

Doctors Without Borders and Corvis are the big winners of the 2020 Fundraising Awards

Once a year, the Fundraising Awards honour outstanding fundraising campaigns. The big winner of the gala at the Europahaus Vienna this year was Doctors Without Borders in cooperation with the Viennese performance marketing agency Corvis. Three of the sought-after awards in the categories “Online Campaign of the Year”, “Spot of the Year” and “Innovation of the Year” went to the non-profit organization.

How to: Build organic reach on LinkedIn

Over the past few days, I’ve been in video conferences almost continuously with companies that need support. I am honestly overwhelmed by how many entrepreneurs are currently growing beyond themselves and trying to overcome this crisis AND support their fellow human beings.

Afterwork Business Cocktail