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#1 Re-Targeting Strategies: The Peacock Strategy

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“I know I need to produce more content for my visibility, but I can’t find time for it.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Then this post is just right for you. You’re not alone. Lack of resources for content production is a common challenge in the growth of many companies.


1. The problem of lack of resources

"Regularly producing new content is often a major challenge, especially for small companies that are currently growing."

The internal resources flow into existing customer support, administration and entrepreneurial challenges. Outsourcing the content often does not pay off. Nevertheless, these companies know how important the role of content is in building awareness, trust and reach. After all, this is the basis for winning new customers.

It is precisely for this reason that we have developed an individual strategy to support companies in bridging their missing resources precisely in this essential growth phase.

Let’s make a short digression together.


2. The journey of your customers

Each customer completes a “journey” before concluding a purchase. It does not matter whether we are talking about classic marketing or online marketing. At the first contact, your company is usually not yet relevant for your contact. Much more important is a long-term trust building with many new contacts. In marketing, we know that only the interaction of several relevant “touchpoints” ultimately leads to being considered as a purchase/partner at all (Relevant Set).

"(...) For consumer goods, the number of touchpoints is the highest at an average of 6.5, followed by services (5.7) ahead of FMCG (4.6). On average, this makes 5.6 contact points up to the purchase decision. (...)"

– Source:

– Source: Adzine / Wavemaker

3. The key lies in efficiency

Obviously, you need several touchpoints with your prospects. So far so good, but there is still the problem of lack of resources. So we have to find a way to achieve significantly better results for you with the same input.

This is exactly why we developed the Peacock Strategy. At the end of the article you will understand how this name was created 😉

4. How the Peacock strategy works

The basic principle is to use your existing content much more efficiently. You need at least 6-10 relevant postings on your Facebook and/or Instagram page.

As a rule, companies in your situation advertise postings once with small budgets and in return get a short-term reach and, in the best case, some interactions. The input is greater than the output.

So instead of focusing on producing new content, we prefer to focus on existing content for the time being. We use these to program small “customer journeys” and use them to specifically control previously addressed touchpoints. They make you relevant to your target group and are the basis for acquiring new customers.

Instead of reaching as many new first contacts as possible, we convince existing contacts through storytelling. This allows us to achieve a better output with the same input.

As soon as a prospect – even if it’s just one person – interacts somewhere with your company, our strategy starts. We show the person your existing postings over a period of several weeks in such a way that they keep discovering new things about your company and are regularly reminded of you. Suddenly you are perceived as constantly posting new content. Your awareness and relevance increases.

4.1 Every contact is valuable

It’s important to understand that anyone who interacts with your business could be a potential customer. This applies in particular to young companies that may not yet have a large reach. I keep reminding you: We must not think in terms of “users” in online marketing. There are no users, there are only people. And they might be interested in working with you or buying a product. In the online world, many companies tend to want to reach as many people as possible. It is often forgotten to maintain contact with the interested parties. This is one of the most common mistakes that always leads to campaign inefficiency.

Each of these measurable contact points generates a trigger event either directly on Facebook or via the Facebook pixel. This event gets the actual strategy rolling.

4.2 And now make new contacts

Once that is done, you have a system that automatically develops trust in your prospects based on a trigger and turns them into potential customers. Without you having to keep producing new content.

Only in the next step do we concentrate on addressing new people. We will use your existing content again for the time being. The whole system starts again. Suddenly you generate new, relevant contacts, which in turn can be developed into potential customers over several weeks.

It is particularly important now not to rest on our laurels. Use the time you have gained to work on new stories. The more valuable this content is for your prospects, the better the strategy works. Some content ideas to get you started:

  1. Introduce your team
  2. Guide you through your office
  3. Gives your customers valuable tips
  4. Tell a success story
  5. Let a customer talk about you
  6. Post press releases
  7. Share news with your target group
  8. Present yourself as a good employer (birthdays, social events,..)

Finally, I will briefly summarize the advantages of this strategy:

Advantages of the Peacock strategy

  1. Time: You have a few months to calmly produce new content
  2. Trust: Every single contact is valuable and will automatically continue to be supplied with content
  3. Growth: Your reach, awareness and interactions will increase automatically
  4. Efficiency: We simply integrate new content into the existing strategy
  5. Perception: For your contacts, it seems as if you are constantly publishing content. You will be perceived as much larger as a result.
  6. Cost: You need very little budget to implement this strategy

Would you like to use the Peacock strategy for your company? Below the article you will find a contact form. Tell us a few things about your business and we’ll check if the strategy is right for you.

Markus Siuda

Markus Siuda founded his first association at the age of 15, with which he independently gained his first experience in online marketing. At that time, it was to promote his own events and his band. Over the years, he was able to gain a lot of experience in agencies and in marketing in startups and large companies. In 2014, he finally founded the agency Corvis with his brother Martin H. Siuda with the goal of using his knowledge for the measurable success of his clients. Markus Siuda combines advertising expertise with marketing know-how and online marketing skills to create a unique performance concept.

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