Performance Marketing in transition (Part I):

Why without a good sales copy you won't succeed

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Targeting has long been the magic word in online marketing – it was about accurate audiences and the lowest possible cost per action (CPA). In the meantime, however, this is no longer enough to stand out from your competitors and sell your products or services reliably. For the best possible conversion rates, you must now stand out qualitatively at all touchpoints of the customer journey.

You can find out how to do this in our three-part series “Performance Marketing in Transition”. With all the constant innovations, there is one element that remains important regardless of platforms, tools and technology – the writing of good advertising texts or sales copy.

And that’s exactly what this article is about.


Why is Sales Copy so important?

Pictures and videos are all well and good – but it’s the words that move the prospect to an action. It doesn’t matter how good your visual content is or how strong your brand is. If your advertising text is not convincing, the hoped-for success will most likely fail to materialize. Even Apple can’t afford to do without good sales copy!

In performance marketing, good advertising copy is particularly important because it makes your advertising measures more efficient. They appeal to the customer on an emotional level and arouse the desire to buy a product or service. Good sales copy hits pain points with your target audience, highlights the qualities of your product and sets you apart from your competitors.

Here are three important advantages of a good sales copy at a glance:


  • Sales Copy is seductive.

    Good advertising copy turns products and services into a must-have. An experienced copywriter highlights the unique features and benefits of your offer in a way that emotionally engages the audience and sparks a desire for your offer. After that, readers can’t help but click on your CTA!

  • Sales Copy gives you a competitive advantage.

    Online marketing is teeming with bad advertising texts. With smart Sales Copy, you stand out from the crowd and grab a real competitive advantage. The products or services of your competitors will fade in the light of your advertising texts while you consistently convert more visitors into customers.

  • Sales Copy tells stories.

    And stories always boost sales. You gain more attention, can tell your message in an emphatic way and remain in the memory of your target group for a long time. With stories, copywriters can perfectly stage your product and make it the object of your audience’s desire.

In this way, Sales Copy leads to a direct increase in performance – this is reflected in a significantly higher Return On Investment (ROI) and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of good texts. They write uninspired texts that scare off interested parties and give them an advantage, but their competitors.

To prevent this from happening to you, we will introduce you to our 5 most important tips for good sales copy in the next section.

How to Write Better Sales Copy

  1. Know your target audience

    It’s important to know as much as you can about your target audience. The more details you have about your potential customers, the more precise your copywriting will be. This is not only about demographic data, but above all about the fears, pain points and wishes of your target group.

  2. Understand basic psychological principles

    Everyone is different, but the human brain is predictable. We all tend to react similarly to certain words, phrases, colours, and images. If you understand this, you can write convincing sales copies with high reliability. The best advertising texts manipulate our way of thinking – and almost tempt us to buy on a subconscious level.

  3. Stay honest and authentic

    There are many different methods in online marketing – but at the end of the day, people always buy from people. That’s why good sales copy must build trust with the reader and convey integrity. Don’t promise anything you can’t keep!

  4. Write emotional texts

    We buy out of emotion and only then use logic to justify our purchase. You should take this into account and write Sales Copy that makes the reader feel feelings. For example, do you want to make your readers happy, sad, worried, angry, confused, or satisfied? When you address the emotions of your target audience, your marketing message will reach a much deeper level.

  5. Choose each word wisely

    In a good advertising text, every word must sit. Leave out all sorts of words that you don’t necessarily need. Only when every word fulfills a function and each sentence precedes like an arrow will you keep readers on your website. Also, think about your font, enough paragraphs, and “white space” to make your texts visually appealing.

Closing remarks

This was the first part of our article series “Performance Marketing in Transition”. You’ve learned why Sales Copy is especially important. You now know what advantages Sales Copy brings you and what is particularly important for good advertising copy. In the next part, you will learn why you should often not write your own advertising texts and why ad creatives are becoming increasingly important in performance marketing. So feel free to check back next week. We look forward to seeing you!

Martin Siuda

Martin Siuda is the creative head of Corvis. He gained his first experience in his father’s agency at the age of 13, and at 16 he was already looking after his first clients. Martin combines his years of experience as a creative director with relevant marketing and sales expertise and thus always knows how to merge creativity with the necessary strategy. As an online marketing expert, he knows exactly which screws to turn on landing pages, ad creatives and sales copy together with his creative team. In this way, every touchpoint along the customer journey is optimized not only visually but also strategically.

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