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Manuel Lutter is the new Head of Digital Growth at CORVIS. In an interview, he shared his passions and goals with us.

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The path to success is challenging and full of surprises. Successful people are often driven by strong inspiration. For Manuel Lutter, the new Head of Digital Growth at CORVIS, this inspiration comes from a legend in the world of boxing..

When asked about his role model, a world-class performer – dead or alive – Manuel quickly provides an answer: Mike Tyson. According to him, Tyson embodies the perfect combination of mentality and strategy. Manuel admires Tyson’s »brutal focus« and »focused mindset« during his rapid rise to success. What particularly impresses the Head of Digital Growth is Tyson’s ability to visualize his success and »program it in advance.« Mike Tyson serves as an example that focus and commitment can be powerful drivers of personal development. Manuel has learned and internalized these qualities from Tyson.

Manuel has lived in Dubai for one year and three years in Switzerland. He was the owner of a social media agency and has invested over 10.5 million euros through various marketing channels to generate value for his clients. His expertise extends across the Arab, American, and European markets.

Unlike Mike Tyson, Manuel Lutter doesn’t breed pigeons, but he finds a different source of balance in his business life. A significant transformation in the life of the 36-year-old came with the birth of his son. Manuel learns a lot from his son about happiness, the joy of life, and the art of getting back on your feet after a defeat. He proudly states that he derives »a lot of strength and positive energy« from these experiences.

About the core competencies of a Head of Digital Growth

If you ask Manuel for a brief definition of his job description, you set a gearbox in motion.

»We help companies go from Position A to Position X. I deliberately exclude Positions Y and Z as that would imply we have reached the end. However, there is no end. We can always optimize and improve.«

Manuel helps companies improve their current state. PPC advertising through Google, Facebook, or Instagram is just as important as analyzing internal structures and building a profitable mindset. »Metaphorically speaking, we get in your helicopter and fly over every square meter of your company.« From above, we can see where the company stands, which plateau it is on, and what needs to be done to reach the next higher plateau.

Good things come together

Manuel served as an E-commerce mentor in a Mastermind group. There he assisted clients in overcoming various challenges and contributed to the growth of several significant A-player shops. It was within this group that Manuel’s path crossed with the founders of CORVIS, Markus and Martin. Besides the interpersonal connection, it was evident to all involved that they wanted to collaborate on joint projects beyond the Mastermind group.

From that point onwards, Manuel was involved as a freelancer in initial projects at CORVIS. Multiple times a week, they discussed the potentials for scaling customer projects, laying the foundation for the performance team.

Since 2023, Manuel Lutter has become an integral part of CORVIS. He looks forward to his new responsibilities with enthusiasm. »I wouldn’t have joined CORVIS if it weren’t an excellent agency,«, says Manuel. The work at the agency in Vienna is already taking place at a »very high level«. Now, the next steps involve automating existing »processes and standardizing the good practices«. Furthermore, Manuel aims to improve the time economy of the company and »simplify repetitive tasks to make a significant leap forward with the same resources.« These are just the internal goals to which Manuel is dedicated.

Brands with an annual revenue of 2 million euros or more can benefit from the services of the marketing expert. The reason for this is that companies of this size already have an experienced marketing department capable of implementing the goals and strategies developed in collaboration with CORVIS. In many cases, the products to be marketed are already available or in the final stages. »We then assist the companies with online marketing and ensure a seamless delivery of their high-quality products to the target audience«, says Manuel.

»We help winners to win even more. Our clients are talented, and they deserve us to maximize their potential.«

However, there are exceptions. »If we see a Kickstarter brand that shows very high potential, we also provide support. But the parameters have to be right.« Primarily, CORVIS and Manuel aim to address A-players with their strategies. Brands such as Investment Punk, Lufthansa, and Wüstenrot are among the flagship clients of the agency.

Manuel loves his profession because he is faced with a different setup with each client. »The optimization potentials of our clients vary. While some can address their target audience through television, others require an omni-channel strategy.« You can never just act according to a set pattern. After all, every customer and every target group is subject to different market laws. However, what remains certain for the new Head of Digital Growth is that they strive to achieve the maximum for each client. »Our clients are talented, and they deserve us to maximize their potential«

Always keeping your finger on the pulse

Manuel recognizes that he operates in a business that does not tolerate stagnation. Therefore, he constantly seeks to educate himself, staying up to date with the latest industry trends and exploring new solutions. Mastermind groups, where professionals exchange ideas, are crucial for him. He is also an advocate of educational trips, attending trade shows, reading books, listening to podcasts, and following relevant YouTubers. »In addition to all these factors, exchanging ideas with colleagues and other agencies is essential«

When Manuel wants to ground himself and stay focused, he watches videos of people he admires for their success. These individuals are predominantly sports figures like Tyson, Conor McGregor, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant. Manuel sees them as »first-class executors«, who can visualize success beforehand.

The challenges at CORVIS

As a first step, Manuel sees the process of integrating with the existing team at CORVIS. However, this should not be a problem as long as one listens attentively to the Head of Digital Growth. »The team is fantastic« and »everyone has welcomed me warmly.« His initial personal challenge now lies in gaining the support of the team and meeting their expectations.

»CORVIS is already a Ferrari, everything is excellently developed, from the chassis to the steering wheel. Now, in a process, we just need to remove the final specks of dust.«

For Manuel, CORVIS offers the opportunity to set processes in motion with energy. Through this energy, he aims to expand the company’s radiance in the coming months and years, attract more A-players, and expand the team’s manpower. To successfully navigate this process, it is important to periodically assume the role of an observer and objectively confront the question of whether one is still on the right path. Manuel sees a key task in the industry as the challenge of not resting on the laurels of past achievements and always striving for a new plateau.

The future of digital growth

When asked about the changes the industry must confront in the future, Manuel immediately responds with the term »AI«. From his perspective, AI will become increasingly important in various automation processes. He sees it as an »exciting topic«that, however, is still »not fully matured« at this point.

Compared to other voices in the industry, Manuel sees the emerging artificial intelligence as an opportunity. »We are facing exciting times. Those who react dynamically to the upcoming changes will continue to be successful in the future,« Artificial intelligence will be an integral part of the industry, and it will be crucial to leverage its potential effectively.

»We are facing interesting times. Those who react dynamically to the upcoming changes will also be successful in the future.

A glimpse into the crystal ball

Even though Manuel is not the type of person to sit back and rely on predictions, let’s take a look into the crystal ball. What would be the optimal state when he looks back on his collaboration with CORVIS in two years?

»I’m obsessed with performance«, Manuel chuckles. Therefore, it would be ideal if in twoyears, not only the set goals were achieved, but also surpassed. It would be fantastic if everyone in the team had performance ingrained in their DNA. Many people consider themselves performers, but »when shit hits the fan« you can see who the real driving forces are.

Manuel concludes by saying that he would be satisfied if all the planned processes were established and successfully implemented. However, for now, he is excited to be part of the amazing CORVIS team and to set sail towards the future. Because »there is always a new horizon to strive for.«

We wish Manuel every success in his new role and welcome him warmly to the CORVIS family.

Manuel Lutter

Manuel Lutter is the Head of Digital Growth at Corvis. Internally, he serves as the Performance Marketing Mentor for our Media Buying team. For our clients, Manuel delves deep into the world of media buying with his growth mindset. From omnichannel campaigns on platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, and Pinterest to full-funnel strategies, conversion optimization, and scaling strategies.

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