How to: Build organic reach on LinkedIn

You often hear that always-on campaigns make more sense and work better for companies. But what is actually behind it?

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Increase your own reach effectively with relevant content? How exactly this works best, I will show you in 3 simple points:

1. Content is King
2. LinkedIn tools
3.  The power of your own network

1# Content is King

!!ATTENTION!! The following applies: Only publish relevant content with topics that really interest your target group!

Offer real added value and don’t deceive your readers with misleading headlines or teasers. This is the only way you can keep and expand your target group and thus your reach. Motivate your network to interact with your posts (share, comment, etc..).

Use relevant (on-topic #hashtags). Polls or a call-to-action under your post or video can work wonders and boost engagement. This also has two other advantages:

  • Posts with a high level of interaction are more interesting for new readers and the inhibition threshold to look at the post in full is reduced.
  • LinkedIn plays posts with great commitment more often, which in turn increases your reach. Third-degree contacts also get to see successful status updates more often.


2# LinkedIn’s free tools

As already mentioned, establishing the largest possible number of relevant contacts is essential for a high reach. Because the calculation is very simple: the more contacts you have, the more contacts of the second or third degree will see your content. When selecting your contact requests, pay attention to thematically appropriate people or people in certain positions who could be of interest to you and who in turn know other interesting people.

Other interesting ways to increase your reach are:

  1. References to your own articles/contributions in the posts of other, far-reaching people. Make sure that the topic is close to the original post!
  2. Creating groups can draw the attention of interested parties to you and target potential customers. At the same time, you create a community that you can target your own content to. It is important to post your own content only occasionally, otherwise the impression of SPAMMING can quickly arise.
  3. Tagging relevant people (mentioning specific people e.g. @Corvis) in or under your own post.

LinkedIn’s own analysis tools can also help you find out who is interacting with your content and when. Use these tools to find out what interactions happened in the first 5 minutes or in the first 100 visitors. This is an excellent way to test which content is received best or when particularly influential people interact. This allows you to target and plan your campaigns and content in a more targeted manner in the future.


3# The power of your own network

Another tip for successfully generating as much reach as possible for your posts is early visibility of your content among people with a lot of interactions. The reason for this is a generally higher display of your post through LinkedIn when the first interactions come from people who are very active themselves.

What does that mean specifically? After publishing your post or article, write to your friends or colleagues and ask them to like, share or leave a comment on your post. Because why not use your own good contacts and help each other?

Use the many opportunities that are available to you on LinkedIn and increase your reach to give your business a BOOST.


It’s definitely worth it. LinkedIn is still one of the few channels where you can still generate a lot of reach organically!

When it comes to B2B-relevant topics, LinkedIn is an extremely effective channel. The feed still offers a lot of room to generate organic reach. 

Don’t be shy! Just do a little “split testing” to find out how best to reach your target group. 😉

I wish you all the best for this time!

Markus Siuda

Markus Siuda founded his first association at the age of 15, with which he independently gained his first experience in online marketing. At that time, it was to promote his own events and his band. Over the years, he was able to gain a lot of experience in agencies and in marketing in startups and large companies. In 2014, he finally founded the agency Corvis with his brother Martin H. Siuda with the goal of using his knowledge for the measurable success of his clients. Markus Siuda combines advertising expertise with marketing know-how and online marketing skills to create a unique performance concept.

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