Key Facts

+ € 70k

Turnover on the first day


Return on Ad Spend Total


Leads achieved at launch

> 2.5 million

People reached

Case Study Rendite Boutique

Most successful PaaS launch for Rendite Boutique

Client: Rendite Boutique

Initial situation

The founding team around Lisa and Dominik Lorenz contacted Corvis with the wish to establish a crowdinvesting platform. Rendite Boutique was looking for a marketing agency to provide professional support in acquiring investors, effectively marketing their business, and building their brand awareness.


With the support of Corvis, a proftiable launch strategy was to be developed and the platform was to be filled with new investors within a short period of time in order to eventually build up existing investors. The case should be built in such a way to convince investors as well.


We developed a multi-stage launch strategy, starting with a lead campaign where customers could sign up for a launch offer. The leads generated were then converted using email marketing as part of a launch special offer. In addition, we planned a "secret launch party in the heart of Vienna for industry influencers to have content for the campaigns and get in the press. In addition, the first investors should already be generated here. We then moved to an always-on campaign and repeated the entire strategy in Germany as well.


Already at the pre-launch event, 6-digit investments were generated. The official launch again brought high 6-digit sales with a ROAS >8. Record figures were achieved during the launch period. According to Portagon, our campaign was the most successful launch campaign ever implemented on the platform.


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