Case Study AYOKA

ayoka: Brand development and social hype

Customer: ayoka

Initial situation

The founders Philip Lanz and Sebastian Raber contacted Corvis with the desire to establish a new drink on the market. At the time of launch, there was only a planned recipe, but no brand name, brand or marketing strategy.


Development and positioning of a new drink brand with the aim to establish it online, but also in food retail. Targeted development of investor documentation to secure funding.


Corvis developed the Ayoka brand from scratch with the young founders. This includes the entire brand positioning, communication strategy, founder story, corporate design, website, investor documents, pitch sheets for retailers and the supporting implementation of the business plan.

We strategically decided not to establish a new energy drink. We opened a new drink category: the Good Mood Drink. A subcategory of functional drinks. This allowed us to aim for new placements in the trade.

An important ingredient is 5-HTP. It is converted in the brain into the happiness hormone seratonin. This ingredient is extracted from the African black bean. The name Ayoka also comes from Africa and means "she who brings joy." This is how we derived the brand name.

We decided to bring the combination of joy and art into a bold brand concept. The can was developed in collaboration with an artist Corvis found during an Instagram hashtag analysis.


The ayoka brand went viral on TikTok in no time and quickly sold out in stores. ayoka is now listed at a multitude of retail chains, gas stations & food service establishments in Austria and Germany and has become an urban love brand with millions of views and over 650k likes on TikTok.


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