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Business Design & Launch for Sell Like a Queen

Client: Silvia Agha-Schantl

Initial situation

Silvia Agha-Schantl, is a renowned and well booked trainer for more success in sales. She came to Corvis with a desire to build a digital business. Already at the start of the cooperation Silvia had good bookings for big events as well as an extensive client portfolio of renowned companies.


Corvis was tasked with building the digital business model as part of a mentoring program for private customers. The goal was defined as ongoing additional sales and the possibility of helping a large number of customers to become more successful in sales on a very high quality basis.

The business model was to be strategically developed, branded, launched and ultimately scaled by Corvis.


Corvis developed the digital and hybrid products together with the client as part of a mentoring process. We also optimized personal branding to lay the foundation for further growth. Our strategy was to be profitable even before the start of the campaigns by making optimal use of existing events and networks and developing scalable B2B products in addition to B2C.

Finally, we developed SELL LIKE A QUEEN - a mentoring program for women in sales - for B2B and B2C with strategy and branding and launched it with a webinar.


Even before the start of our campaigns, we were organically generating 5-digit sales. At the launch of SLAQ Mentoring, we were able to lay the foundation for further scaling with around € 70,000 in sales and a ROAS of >7.


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