Key Facts

€ 1,88

Cost per subscription achieved


Best achieved CTR


Newsletter subscribers


Cost per lead

Case Study Wechselweise

-85% Cost per lead for Wechselweise

Customer: Wechselweise

Initial situation

Corvis was commissioned to accompany the launch of Wechselweise. A platform aimed at menopausal women and aims to build a community in this context.


Performance-based newsletter subscriber growth to rapidly drive the company's ad business. Strategic development of distribution products.


At the beginning, we analyzed with Google Analytics which topics on the existing website had the highest traffic and dwell time. Based on this, we developed a performance strategy and associated landing page to generate leads in a cost-effective manner.

We triggered the algorithm through targeted advertising of postings and modulated our conversion campaign on it.


Our campaigns achieved a CTR of over 7% within a short period of time, reaching over 1m women in the target group and generating newsletter subscribers with an average CPA of €1.88. In optimizing the themes and creatives, we were able to reduce the cost per lead in the current campaigns by almost 85%.


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