Quick rethinking in the crisis?

You often hear that always-on campaigns make more sense and work better for companies. But what is actually behind it?

Over the past few days, I’ve been in video conferences almost continuously with companies that need support. I am honestly overwhelmed by how many entrepreneurs are currently growing beyond themselves and trying to overcome this crisis AND support their fellow human beings. 🙏🏻

"In some cases, we have already been able to digitize or rethink parts of our customers' business models in order to secure sales."

I am currently working on a “task force” of specialists who can quickly and easily solve these challenges for customers. The goal is to generate additional value streams as quickly as possible. This is possible and feasible.

It’s great how creative many entrepreneurs become. I’ve seen cocktail bars that have switched to shipping so couples can have a romantic evening in a small circle at home. Farms that deliver vegetable crates at short notice. Manufacturers of natural products that put together cheap rescue bundles so that people can strengthen their immune system. IT service providers who support companies to receive subsidies for their services and thus quickly be well prepared for home office. Educational institutions that have switched to digital lectures. Agencies that put together crisis offers. Lawyers who set up free help lines. Tax consultations that postpone daily newsletters on current opportunities and rescue measures. Restaurants that offer digital video courses for home nutrition. Software manufacturers who give away their licenses at short notice so that companies can better get through the crisis. Futurologists who paint us a hopeful picture after the crisis and many many more.

Many have also asked me whether I find it ethical to charge money for services at this time? My opinion is that as an entrepreneur you also have responsibility for the employees and the company itself. As long as your offer creates VALUE for your customers and is FAIRLY priced in, I find this absolutely legitimate and also necessary. Of course, it makes a lot of sense to think about free help, as long as you do not blow up your resources.

Unfortunately, not every company has the opportunity to rethink this at very short notice and generate digital sales. I would like to appeal to all those who are able to make this change: Be creative, digitize your offer, put together offers that help others. Support your environment! There will be a time after the crisis. Now companies can build trust and enter new markets. Ethical and compassionate.

I wish you all the best for this time!

Markus Siuda

Markus Siuda founded his first association at the age of 15, with which he independently gained his first experience in online marketing. At that time, it was to promote his own events and his band. Over the years, he was able to gain a lot of experience in agencies and in marketing in startups and large companies. In 2014, he finally founded the agency Corvis with his brother Martin H. Siuda with the goal of using his knowledge for the measurable success of his clients. Markus Siuda combines advertising expertise with marketing know-how and online marketing skills to create a unique performance concept.

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