All-in contracts are burning people out and they can’t reach their full potential

With his performance marketing agency Corvis, Markus Siuda strives to combine an "anti-burnout culture" with outstanding performance. In this interview, he tells us how this is supposed to work.

Markus Siuda in interview with Dominik Perlaki,

Markus Siuda in interview with Dominik Perlaki,

“Performance”, “power”, “growth”, “scaling” – the buzzwords on the website of the Viennese agency Corvis run by brothers Markus and Martin Siuda have a clear message for potential clients: The team aims to take them to the top with performance marketing. References such as Lufthansa, Obi and Shopping City Süd as well as of Doctors without Borders or Ali Mahlodji and Investment-Punkt Gerald Hörhan speak for themselves. In addition to the promise to their clients, Corvis also makes a promise to their employees: Corvis strives to ensure with an “anti-burnout culture” that they do not run the risk of burning out despite extraordinary performance. Co-founder Markus Siuda explained to us in an interview how this works in practice.

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Markus Siuda

Markus Siuda founded his first association at the age of 15, with which he independently gained his first experience in online marketing. At that time, it was to promote his own events and his band. Over the years, he was able to gain a lot of experience in agencies and in marketing in startups and large companies. In 2014, he finally founded the agency Corvis with his brother Martin H. Siuda with the goal of using his knowledge for the measurable success of his clients. Markus Siuda combines advertising expertise with marketing know-how and online marketing skills to create a unique performance concept.

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